Refl’Action Transnational Training for Trainers, Sabaudia, Italy

Refl’Action Transnational Training for Trainers, Sabaudia, Italy

From the 29th of March until the 3rd of April, the transnational training titled “Train the Trainers” was held in Sabaudia, Italy, organised by the organisation Kamaleonte.  This training was designed for staff and trainers from different organizations who work in the education sector. The main focus of the training was to build the capacity of the trainers on reflective practices.

The training program was designed to achieve specific goals, such as:

  • exchanging good practices for facilitating individual and group reflection,
  • sharing the first draft of data collection, 
  • brainstorming ideas and methods for promoting well-being through reflection, 
  • and strengthening Consortium partnership.

The training activities were based on the methodological approach of experiential learning that uses concrete experiences alternating with moments of reflection for better understanding. 

The first day of the training was focused on understanding the theory of reflection, getting to know the participants, and team-building activities.

On the second day, the participants were taken to the park of Sabaudia, where they had to collaborate and build a shelter with elements they could find in the woods. After that, during the reflection activity, they had the opportunity to discuss the thoughts and feelings this challenge created for them.

The third day was a nature-based reflective activity where the participants went on a hike in the Monte Circeo. During this sportive activity, everyone had to include reflective practices. All the participants faced their limitations and had to challenge themselves, but reaching the top was a memorable experience for everyone.

The last day of the training included evaluation, reflection, and a ritual. The participants had to create their reflective activities and become trainers.

In conclusion, the training program was designed to give the participants a better understanding of the theme of reflection and to adopt methodologies and guidelines for their upcoming trainings. The activities included different methods of reflective practices and sports, which made the experience memorable for the participants.

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