It’s reflection time!

Exploring reflective practices through teamwork games in a friendly and interactive environment

On the 27th of September 2022, CPIE – A Rinascita hosted a “It’s reflection time!” physical workshop with the theme “Exploring reflective practices through teamwork games in a friendly and interactive environment” under the framework of the Refl’Action programme in Corse, France.

The workshop started by asking the participant to define reflection in 1 word… just because everyone had different experiences in life that could be stronger than others. This was the first step to make participants be more aware about the place of reflection in their daily life. It was an important reflective time to know each other and to share our first ideas about what they think when speaking about reflection.

The second part of the workshop was more interactive aiming to bring the participants closer. Throughout team building games we asked people to understand the different ways we can use reflection (by sharing our life experiences, by playing team games, by creating a bond between people we didn’t even know before).  After each game we discussed in which way reflection was part of the game;

The third part was focused on critical practices. We wanted to give participants some practical ideas by thinking  critically and understanding their practices: the tools, the skills, the ideas and the feelings they involved during the games activities. To do this we asked participants to go deeper in this reflection by answering some about-me questions aiming to develop self – reflection (What do you want others to know about you? Name one of your recent achievements you are most proud of?…)

At the end of the team activities we had a moment to share all together our feelings. Everybody agreed on the fact that sharing moments, opinions and ideas with others is a way to self-learn and to understand and accept the differences within the participants… and to better understand that, not only in games, but also in life we all have our strengths and weaknesses!