Hack2Reflect: An online hackathon about reflection

Hack2Reflect: An online hackathon about reflection

The first two-days online hackathon about reflection was held on 18-19th of February. Participants from Greece, Italy and France were separated in teams, joined forces, collaborated and presented their ideas in three different challenges:

  • #1 Reflection in Education
  • #2 Reflection in Working Groups
  • #3 Reflection in Daily Life 


The Hack2Reflect hackathon started with Spyridoula Loukopoulou, Project & Partnerships Manager of Youthmakers Hub. She introduced the challenges to the teams and helped them with the technical details, where to upload their presentations and where to find all the important documents. Marco Valerio Battaglia, Project Manager at Kamaleonte and Maria Stefanidou, Co-founder & Project Manager of Go Alive, were mentoring the teams. They virtually met the teams, helped them during the competition and MarcoVa introduced them to the definition of reflection through a brief training session.


Spyridoula Loukopoulou, Project & Partnerships Manager of Youthmakers Hub & Georgianna Chondrou, Communications Lead at Youthmakers Hub helped the teams dive into the world of project management and pitching, highlighting the steps that they have to follow to structure their idea. After the completion of the first day the teams were free to continue their work if wanted. 

The second day of Hack2Reflect was devoted to the presentation of the solutions. The teams pitched their ideas to the three judges, Marilena Maragkou, Co-founder & Program Coordinator of Youthmakers Hub, Isabella Pancaldi, Youth Project Manager at CPIE A Rinascita and Francesca Salmeri, Trainer, Facilitator and Researcher for Erasmus+ Projects at Kamaleonte. All the teams tried to include the essence of reflection in their solutions but the winning team was the team with the challenge #1 Reflection in Education.