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The organization A Rinascita created in 1975 is an organization “Association Loi 1901”, recognized as Environment Protection Association and as a Permanent Initiative Centre for the Environment Corte Centre Corse.
The organization is strongly linked to the territory and it works on the environment and sustainable development by three actions: searching, developing and communicating. Our aim is to make people understand that everybody can act as an eco-citizen in order to protect the natural and cultural heritage.
The organization is multi-sectoral in order to better develop our strategy: the environment centre, the social centre, and the Centre of Scientific and Technical Culture.

Contact person: Isabella Pancaldi


Youthmakers Hub (YMH) – Greece

Youthmakers Hub is a Civil Society Organization (CSO) from Greece with the vision to make young people be the change they want to see in the world and the mission to empower and equip them with the necessary tools and skills for the future.

Youthmakers Hub is responsible for designing the project’s dissemination and communication strategy, channels and tools, and coordinating the project’s dissemination activities as a whole.

Contact person: Marilena Maragkou


Kamaleonte – Italy

Kamaleonte is an educational organization that promotes the growth and psycho-physical health through outdoor activities and experiential trainings. Kamaleonte focuses on personal and professional development, problem-solving, team building, effective communication and leadership, intercultural learning, diversity, conflict management, integration, environmental education, group dynamics.

Kamaleonte is using sports and outdoor activities, as nature is the privileged context for the development of its projects, and promotes the use of methods and approaches that view the individual in a holistic way.

Contact person: Marcovalerio Battaglia